Hey kids, here are a bunch of pages for you and your folks to get some ideas for when you want to get out of the house and discover some nature! Even if you want to stay home, there are tips on books and on-line materials you can read up on. Just pick a category and see what’s out there!


Trees & Plants

Pennsylvania is growing—trees and plants continue to live up to the commonwealth’s beginnings as “Penn’s Woods.” Whether it’s identifying trees (year round!) or making your own paper, there are lots of activities kids and do with trees and plants.




Water means life, so there’s a lot of life in Pennsylvania’s rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. And sometimes we get too much water; sometimes not enough. Keeping an eye on water—learning how it’s used, where it’s coming from and where it goes—is always a great way for kids to learn more about our surroundings.



Fossils & Rocks

There’s a history story right beneath your feet! And it goes all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs and beyond. Rocks can be fun to collect and study—and if you find a fossil, you’ll be holding evidence of something that’s really, really old. Even older than your parents!




They’re creepy. They’re crawly. Sometimes they fly around and sometimes they really bug you. Bugs and insects can be fascinating—they live on a different scale than humans and they all have special jobs to perform for our environment.




Our furry friends of the forest are scientifically the closest to human beings. Some mammals are cute and cuddly, some are secretive and growly, but all have a special home and deserve our respect. Tracking critters and their habitats throughout the woods can be loads of fun. And don’t worry about those bats—they’re actually really cool!



Amphibians & Reptiles

Amphibians and reptiles have been around a long time, so maybe they know more about us than we know about them. They like a wide variety of habitats, but they generally like to stay out of our way. That’s why finding and studying them is so much fun.




Pennsylvania has a wide variety of fish, from coldwater trout to the warmwater varieties like bluegill, catfish and crappies. All are fun to catch—whether it’s a frigid early spring day or a hot summer afternoon. Fishing is great for the whole family.




Our fine feathered friends are fun, fabulous and some are even famous. Luckily, birds of a feather stick together, and they’re really cool to observe and track. Putting out a birdfeeder is a great idea for birdwatchers, but you still have to keep the noise down for them to get close. Binoculars sold separately!